Commercial Services

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Service List to choose from

  • Additional insulation to R-38 or R-40
  • Window tinting
  • Water heater replacement or upgrade
  • Seal ceiling in all living area
  • Window replacement / upgraded to energy efficient
  • HVAC replaced
  • Duct upgraded or replaced
  • Solar water heater installed
  • Solar energy system for the home installed (PV system)
  • Seal entire house by foam
  • Replace light bulbs with CFL / LED
  • Energy saving plugs
  • New appliances
  • Caulking all around areas as needed
  • Replace all major aspect of the building to make it energy efficient
  • Install solar fan
  • Replace roofing if required
  • Replace or upgrade HVAC
  • Electrical panel for enegy efficiency
  • Replace carpet with wood floor or tiles
  • Painting all walls in as required
  • Make water system more efficient
  • Upgrade irrigation system to to make it energy efficient